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An Announcement from Janie Gunn, Founder of Source Yoga:

Please extend a warm welcome to 4 new yoga teachers and their students from High Level Wellness, a successful yoga studio in Fishers. The studio's founder, Jessica Foster, along with her amazing team have transitioned all services to continue their journey with our 8 current teachers. 


This means more class choices as well as new offerings to come! Please read more about their background listed below and call us anytime with your questions. Or better yet, why not sign up for one of our new classes today by exploring our expanded online class schedule.





About Janie Gunn:

Janie is the owner of the center and is grateful to share the gifts of yoga with all who walk through the doors. She began practicing yoga in 1996 and has over 2200 hours of teacher training. Her first teacher was also the founder of the Indiana Yoga Alliance, Barb Badger, who ignited her desire to share yoga with passion and compassion. Teachers she has studied with include Desiree Rumbaugh, Gary Kraftsow, Todd Norian, Ann Greene and a variety of instructors. She also completed Todd Norian's teacher training program in May 2009 as well as his Ashaya® Yoga teacher training in 2015. Janie teaches a heart-opening practice that includes creating a theme for each class. She believes in the power of setting intentions, then breathing them fully into the body, mind and spirit during the class. Skillful alignment essentials are taught that enables students to enhance the flow of energy in the body. This has proven to be an empowering way to build confidence and a strong inner core to co-create a life of joy and light.

Jessica Foster (From High Level Wellness:

Yoga came to me at a time when I felt like I was in the dark and couldn’t find any light. I had started meditating and studying the mind/body connection, but I began the physical part of yoga (the asanas) last. It was the missing piece of the puzzle for me. I started practicing each morning and could feel the difference it made in my day. It cleared space in my mind and I learned how to find stillness. Through yoga, I began to raise my vibration and felt my flame ignite. My body felt good, the fog in my mind began to lift, and I felt my spirit come to life. After a year of home practice, I kept feeling the urge to be able to share this experience with everyone. I spent six months finding excuses not to do it and then finally went for it. I became RYT 200 certified in June of 2019 through Shine Yoga Wellness in Noblesville, IN. I love to get those new to yoga in my class so they can see how capable they are of creating a practice and how uplifting it can be for every aspect of our being. I want to help people find the light within themselves so they can let it shine!

Keri Templeman (From High Level Wellness):

I started practicing yoga a few years ago and I loved it so much, I wanted to teach it to everyone! I have chronic pain issues, so I know it can be hard to move some days. But even the slightest movements can relieve pain. My 200 hour yoga training was completed in Noblesville, in June 2019. Being a newer teacher, I like to learn and grow with my students. We’re all in this together!

Jennifer Bauchner (from High Level Wellness):

I’m Jennifer Bauchner and yoga has become such an important part of my personal wellness journey. Yoga’s healing and strengthening power brings out the best in me. Along with providing me a great physical workout, my yoga practice helps bring clarity to my thoughts and emotions. I was inspired to further my journey, which led me to complete my 200-hour yoga teacher certification at Shine Yoga Wellness Studio in Noblesville, IN. I look forward to sharing my energy to help strengthen and calm your body and mind. I am passionate about bringing yoga to others in a way that meets their unique needs. My goal is to help students find the yoga that’s right for them at this point in their journey. I enjoy practicing and teaching a variety of class types from a more gentle, restorative flow to vinyasa and athletic style. I love bringing yoga to children and teens and believe it has great confidence building power for anyone, but especially at an early age. In addition to teaching group classes, I am available for private, individually customized yoga practice and corporate or event yoga. Whether you are new to yoga, returning to yoga, or have made yoga an integral part of your life already, I look forward to practicing with you!

Lana Ramer (from High Level Wellness)

More about Lana is coming soon!

Barb Manley:

Barb Manley brings a gentle nurturing spirit with years of yoga training and experience. She has worked with Deepak Chopra and is also a holistic nurse and an Ayurvedic practitioner. She is a wealth of yoga information that she joyously shares with others. Her classes are nurturing and supportive as she uses blankets to create a space for your body to relax and allow the stresses you carry to melt away. Barb often includes the Tibetan Rites in her classes: a series of movements that are proven to reduce aging from the inside out. She includes pranayama (breathing exercises) in all of her classes as well.


Barb also offers meditation and Ayurvedic consultations at the center.  Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga that teaches you how to create optimal health based on your unique constitution.  She taught this at the Chopra Center.  Contact the center for details.


Julie Gordon:

Julie has been a student at the center since 2005 and completed her teacher training with Eric Bryant and Ahna Hoke in 2010.  Julie brings a joyful heart to her teaching as she shares her passion of yoga with others.

Julie is skillful at building community and encouraging others in the practice. Her bubbly energy is uplifting and inspiring.  Julie plans to continue immersing herself in teacher training workshops and immersions with a focus on alignment focused and uplifting styles of yoga.

Mark Killion:

Mark Killion began practicing yoga in 1997 to find relief from low back pain.  His introduction to yoga led to the discovery of the wonderful connection of mind, body and spirit that yoga offers.


Mark is a certified Ashaya® Yoga teacher.  His teaching aligns body, mind and heart to facilitate the awakening of our inherent creative potential as human beings.  Mark has a playful style that focuses on precise alignment of the body infused with heart-based teachings. encouraged.


Mark truly enjoys co-teaching our Ashaya Yoga teacher training program. His years of corporate training experience enhances his skillful presentations. Look for upcoming workshops in this method presented by Mark.


Angela Nichols:

Angela began studying yoga in 2003 after being diagnosed with a chronic health condition. Yoga and meditation quickly became key factors in managing the condition and maintaining her health and vitality.

She has studied multiple styles with several teachers by attending workshops and participating in their online programs. Locally her primary teachers have been Eric Bryant, Laura Cisler, Ahna Hoke and Hari Datti Kaur. She has also studied with national teachers that include Sadie Nardini, Matthew Sanford, Todd Norian, Kenny Graham and Leslie Kaminoff. She is completing our Ashaya Yoga Teacher training which adds to her skillset.

Angela's classes are focused around a philosophical and physical theme. She offers multiple pose variations to challenge students practicing at all levels. Bring a sense of playfulness and a willingness to try something new!

Vickie Klosky:

Vickie began her yoga journey in 2008 and completed her 200 hour certification in 2011. Her path in yoga has been about philosophical and personal exploration along with the challenges of the physical aspects. She feels she has been able to be more at peace with herself and others through her yoga practice.

Vickie incorporates all foundations of yoga into her yoga teaching, breathe, postures and the yamas and niyamas. Plus, being a former dancer and current certified Pilates instructor, Vickie's classes are also focused on alignment and success for her students in all poses. She strives to balance the mental and physical in all of her classes. Vickie's extensive anatomy knowledge has led her to add foam rolling to some of her classes. This helps release tension in the fascia (connective tissue) to restore balance in the body. Yoga has been a positive influence in life and she looks forward to sharing all of that with her students.

Elizabeth Huselton:

Elizabeth began taking yoga classes on and off in college after her mother introduced her to yoga. She was brought to the center after moving to Hamilton County in 2014 and meeting fellow Source Yoga teacher, Julie Gordon, Elizabeth completed her 200-hour certification with Janie Gunn and Mark Killion in May 2017 during their inaugural Ashaya Yoga Teacher Training Class at Source Yoga. Elizabeth feels so grateful that she is able to teach at Source, her yoga home. She likes to make yoga accessible in her classes - with a challenge or two! Elizabeth plans to continue her study with classes at Source and workshops as able. She finds yoga to provide stability and a sense of comfort in an ever-changing world.

Brittney Herman:

Brittney has practiced yoga for 10 years. Seeking a deeper understanding of yoga and its roots, she chose an Ashtanga-based teacher training, and still uses the rhythm of Ashtanga to structure her vinyasa practice.


Brittney uses non-traditional yoga music and fun transitions between postures to add creativity to her flows. Believing there's always room for playful movement, Brittney frequently includes arm balances in her practices.


She offers both modifications and challenges; encouragement and hunor. Brittney Herman is certified RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher, 200 hours) with Yoga Alliance.


Anne Ewing:

Anne Ewing has had a practice and love of yoga for over 15 years.  In 2017, she decided to deepen her journey by pursuing yoga teaching certification, completed through the JCC of Indianapolis, and is now officially registered with the Yoga Alliance.


Anne teaches combined hatha with vinyasa in a slower flow yoga style, that incorporates intention, meditation and pranayama.  In her own practice, she explores the many forms and styles of yoga as she continues to widen her scope and intimately understand the connection between mind, body and breath.


She is based in the Fishers, Indiana area, is a mother of two and has an eager passion to share her love of yoga with all of you.


Our teachers also practice what they preach and are passionate about sharing the gifts of yoga with students. We all know that yoga, like life, is a journey, one we embrace with our hearts, minds and our spirits! May you join us on this journey into the unshakeable deliverance of your heart. May you open up and find the good in every opportunity for growth that comes your way!